Welcome to Top Notch!

You've probably already experienced the advantages of out-sourcing certain areas of your business leaving it to the experts while you concentrate on your core business. In essence, that's what Top Notch can do for your printing & promotional requirements. Our job is to streamline your printing needs, take care of it all, and save you money.


Professional, Competitive Personal Service

Since our inception, Top Notch has grown the old-fashioned way - through hard work and word-of-mouth recommendations from existing clients.

People recommend the services of Top Notch because we're professional, friendly and totally reliable. Our clients know they can hand the job over to us and the quality remains high, costs stay low, and the goods will be delivered on time.

Another advantage is that Top Notch is a member of a co-operative of marketing-related businesses and self-employed professionals.

So while print management is our core business, our clients enjoy access to a wide range of marketing expertise (without the expensive overheads of the larger firms).


Top Notch does a wide variety of work

Printing Services

Digital Printing

Screen printing

Flatbed digital printing




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